Alaskans...don't forget to apply for your PFD.

Application Deadline Extended due to COVID-19 Impact

PFD applications are now due by April 30, 2020.

From the PFD Office: “All 2020 PFD filing season applications submitted by April 30, 2020 will be considered timely. Please know that all of the PFD public spaces are no longer open to the public, but that there are numerous alternatives for filing….At our Anchorage and Fairbanks office locations, applications, envelopes and an application drop box is also available in the lobby area.”

Start your application at

Choose Direct Deposit for your Permanent Fund Dividend

For fast, secure and safe delivery of your PFD, we recommend to choose direct deposit when you apply. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. Receive your PFD much earlier. Direct Deposit funds are now delivered into your account weeks before checks are sent in the mail.
  2. A check in the mail can be vulnerable to theft.

During the PFD application process:

  1. Choose Direct Deposit
  2. Enter Routing #325272212
  3. Enter your Spirit of Alaska checking or savings account number

Have kids who are getting a PFD? Open a savings account for them! You can start online, or come into any branch to get started.

Open a Checking Account to take advantage of PFD direct deposit.

Start Online Checking Account Application



2 replies to “Direct Deposit Your PFD

    1. Posted by: Sarah Geer

      Hi Caroline,
      If you have access to e-Teller, your account number is available in Account Details. If not, please call 907-459-5900 so we can verify your identity and assist with your account number. Thanks for choosing Spirit of Alaska!


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