Lost and Stolen Cards

In the case of a lost or stolen card, please call Spirit of Alaska immediately.

  • 1-907-459-5900 during business hours
  • 1-800-472-3272 after regular business hours

Fraud Alerts

If you have suspicious activity on your accounts, Spirit of Alaska will instantly notify you through a Fraud Protection Alert email, 24/7 hours a day. Our fraud alert system will also reach out through text notifications and calls depending on the contact information we have on file, and the time of day when the fraud alert was triggered.

If you have additional questions about our fraud alert system, please contact our Call Center at 907-459-5900.

Reporting Fraud

In the case of a possibly compromised card, contact Spirit of Alaska right away using the same numbers as Lost and Stolen Cards. Our Member Service Representatives can also help you during branch hours.

If you have found fraudulent transactions on your credit or debit card statement, please fill out a fraudulent transaction dispute form as well as an affidavit form to make it easier to process your fraud claim. You must report the fraud within 60 days of the statement issue date. Once the report is received, these requests are submitted to VISA, who can take 45 days or longer to resolve the claim.

Looking for our non-fraud dispute form?

We monitor fraud trends by reviewing Visa transaction activity and fraud reports. When we identify a fraud outbreak, we take action to minimize financial damage to the credit union and our members.

Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union is here to help if you’ve experienced fraud and you want to prevent it from happening again.

Security Steps

We have taken the necessary steps to provide our members with state of the art security for viewing online banking transactions in e-Teller, our online banking application. We also take steps to ensure phone transactions are secure and identifiable.

Online Encryption

Encryption, one of the primary online security methods in use today, encodes a message so it can’t be intercepted and read during transit. A Verisign™ Digital Certificate and your browser’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ensure 256-bit encryption of your banking transactions.

Read more about our Online Security Steps that help keep our members, their transactions, and the credit union itself safe.

Phone Security

Phone scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent. To combat this trend, we take phone security very seriously. We will never request personal, identifiable information from you over the phone.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you set a phone password. This will allow us to easily identify you, so we can quickly move on to serving your banking needs. Your phone password must be set in person at a branch with a member service representative.

If you do not have a password set, our policy is to identify you with out-of-wallet questions (meaning, we do not ask about information that could be found on your drivers license or in your wallet).

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