Prestige Yukon Quest Insiders

In February we are celebrating the Yukon Quest for our Prestige Event! As a Lead Dog Sponsor, Spirit of Alaska is proud to support this challenging and very Alaskan race.

As a part of our sponsorship, we work with the Yukon Quest to offer exclusive benefits to our Prestige membership! You will have the chance to become a Quest Guest, go behind the line at the start of the race, or take home a signed poster.

Quest Guest

In 2018, Jan Hanscom won the chance to be a Quest Guest at the start line. This proved to be an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity for Jan, who has built a lasting relationship with the rookie musher over the last few years.

The Yukon Quest has again graciously offered the opportunity for one of our Prestige Members to be a Quest Guest! As a Quest Guest, you ride on the sled of a musher down the Chena for 5 miles right off of the starting line, attend the Start & Draw Banquet, and have lunch with your musher!

Spirit of Alaska FCU Prestige Member Quest Guest

VIP Behind the Line

5 Prestige members will be given VIP passes to mingle with the mushers and dog teams behind the finish line as they prep to start the race. Unfortunately, a VIP pass winner cannot bring a guest this year.

2019 & 2020 Signed Poster

Enter to win a framed Official Yukon Quest poster personally signed by every musher. One 2019, and one 2020 poster are available for 2 Prestige Members to win.

How to Enter

Enter the drawing through your Prestige Invitation Email. Haven’t received an email? Contact 907-459-5977.

Entry Rules

1. Each Prestige Member can only win one drawing. If a winner in one category, that member’s name will be withdrawn from the remaining drawing categories in which they entered.
2. Drawings will be in this order: Quest Guest, VIP Pass, Signed Poster
3. A total of 8 Prestige members will become a Yukon Quest Insider in the drawings.
4. The drawing will be done on Monday morning, January 27th.
Please Enter by January 26th.

Prestige Musher Watch

Date: February 1st
Time: 11:00am
Location: See location of property in your Prestige Email Invitation or contact 907-459-5977

Cheer on the mushers as they go by on the Chena River! Avoid the crowds from the property of Lana and Jeff Hebert, who have graciously offered to host this Prestige Event. Be prepared for a 20 minute drive out to Nordale Road to attend the event.

Warm refreshments will be available, as well as a list of the mushers participating in the Quest. The event area will be warmed through a bonfire.

All Prestige Members are welcome to attend and bring a guest! Plan to arrive on time, as the mushers can start passing the property as soon as 11:45am.