Jake sent us his experience with one of our member service representatives.

In a letter to us, Jake expresses how Spirit of Alaska was helpful to him through a difficult time in his life.

Dearest N.D.,

Throughout all of the last five years you have been consistently and amazingly helpful, supportive and kind.

You have bent over backwards to help me…and have been a wonderful smile on those days I didn’t think there was joy to be found.

It’s hard to express to those who may not have experienced the kind of trauma that comes from a situation like ours. To have to be solely responsible for another adult’s life and death decisions is an immense stress-or. The problems and concerns are never-ending. There are days when it just feels like we can’t take on one more thing or solve one more problem.

In the midst of this, I encountered the gift of sincere kindness and concern. Coupled with taking a little bit of pressure off of me and my family, that is the ultimate form of a helping hand.

I am so grateful for your help over the years! We love you as one of our family’s quiet angels.

Thank you so very much! I would love to have the address or email of your supervisor so I can sing your praises loud and often.

I really, really can’t express how much you’ve helped! God bless you and yours, and I hope you are doing well.

Hugs to you!!

– Jake