Spirit of Alaska has started an effort to provide bikes for kids, and we are calling it Cheers for Gears.

Cheers for Gears - Sponsored by Spirit of Alaska FCU

Bikes for deserving families

Giving back to the Fairbanks community is a major part of who we are as a credit union. In 2022, Spirit of Alaska is working with the FNSBSD Summer Elementary Academy of Science and Technology (EAST) Program to identify kids who need a bike this summer. Teachers in the program nominate kids with grit and perseverance, and they are awarded a bike built by Spirit of Alaska FCU!

Learn More About EAST

EAST Family Night

Spirit of Alaska attended the EAST Family Night, presented Cheers for Gears to the attending families, and gave lunch coolers to the kids!

Spirit of Alaska FCU wants to thank the EAST Program for welcoming our participation.

Cheers for Gears Recipients

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