How Spirit helped Randy and Karen Overcome Their Credit Score

Low Score, Few Choices

Hard-working members Randy and Karen Lindsley were in a tight-spot with their credit in 2006. She worked as an office administrator and he worked on the Slope, but with a low score of 500, they had high payments on their pick-up truck, and there wasn’t much they thought they could do about the problem.

Karen shares, “Our financial health was…pretty crummy. Randy won’t mind me saying this, but he wasn’t a responsible spender…we spent on credit cards and even took out a small loan to pay off the cards. We’ve learned since then!”

A Chance

As the story goes, Randy and Karen changed credit unions in 2006, following a friendly, favorite teller who took a job at Spirit of Alaska (Northern Schools at the time). They decided to ask about refinancing their truck at their new credit union.

“What do you know? Spirit of Alaska’s consumer loan department did what nobody tried, or to the point, cared enough to do for us.” With a new, lower car payment the Lindsley’s were hooked on their new credit union.

Climbing the credit mountain

As Karen relates, “Randy’s dream was to own a camper trailer. One day we were looking through the lemon lot, and saw a well-used camper sitting there.” Randy looked at her and said “this is the one.”

Randy made a call to Spirit of Alaska’s consumer loan department that day, and after a conversation about what they wanted to do, Randy got the go ahead right over the phone!

Several years later, Randy needed a new truck. The great loan officers at Spirit combined Karen’s existing car payment and his new truck payment into one, even lower payment.

Credit Scores can be overcome

Karen goes on to say, “It seems no matter what the situation, you guys have been able to help us out. As working people, we really appreciate the extra care we’ve received from the credit union.”

“Our credit score is now in the upper 700’s, and we just bought a house and are looking to get it refinanced with Spirit of Alaska. That is an exciting thing for us. We think the world of you, we’ve never felt taken advantage of, and you know how hard it is trusting someone when you work so hard for your money.”

We wouldn’t have what we have without Spirit of Alaska. It is so nice to know our credit union cares as much about our needs as they do being a successful business.”

Thank you for giving us a chance to earn your respect Karen and Randy, and a chance to help you live life and overcome a rough financial start and low credit score.