Annual Audit Letters

Spirit of Alaska sends out audit letters to a select group of members annually.

Yes, the audit letter you received in the mail is legitimate and pertains to the annual audit performed of Spirit of Alaska’s records by Hauser Jones & Sas PLLC. Spirit of Alaska FCU has authorized this audit, but Hauser Jones & Saas PLLC are responsible for the content and requests within the letter.

Annual audits of financial records are standard practice and there is no cause for alarm.

What is the letter?

Our audit letters are requesting that you do a quick comparison of your records with our records. You can accomplish this comparison by confirming the account information listed in the letter is correct. The account information listed will be recent.

What should I do to respond?

Please follow the directions in the letter to send your response to Hauser Jones & Sas PLLC.

Thank you for your membership and support in your timely response.