Thank you to every member who brought in food for our school's food pantries! Check out some pictures below.

Here’s how YOU impacted our schools in 2018!

4th Quarter: October – December

Nordale Elementary

“The items you brought are perfect for the kids to put in their coat pockets. Thank you!” – Principal Powell

Principal Powell and Sarah Geer stand in front of a food donation to Nordale Elementary.
Pictured from left to right: Principal Brian Powell and Sarah Geer

North Pole Middle School

Sarah Geer with Principal Richard Smith and 5 shopping bags of ready-to-eat food.

Principal Smith and Sarah Geer stand in front of a food donation to North Pole Middle School.
Pictured from left to right: Sarah Geer and Principal Richard Smith

Ryan Middle School

Just down the road from our Gillam branch, the staff at Ryan Middle were so excited to receive 5 bags of ready-to-eat food.

Ryan Middle School staff hold bags of food for the food pantry donated by Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union
Picture from left to right: Vice-Principal Petra Timmons, Principal Heather Stewart and Sarah Geer, Marketing Director for Spirit of Alaska

3rd Quarter: June – September

Donations received from June – September were split between Barnette Magnet Elementary and Arctic Light Elementary


Barnette Magnet School

Dropping off a donation of 6 bags of food to Barnette Magnet.

Sarah Geer dropping off a food pantry donation, with Barnette Magnet School staff

Arctic Light Elementary

The staff at Arctic Light were so excited to see your donations. They had just run out of lunch items that day!

Marketing Manager Sarah Geer dropping off a food pantry donation, with Arctic Light Elementary staff

 2nd Quarter: April – June

Donations received from April – June were split between Hunter Elementary and Joy Elementary.

Thank you for feeding hungry kids at school! Image of final donations to 2nd Quarter School Food Pantry Drive

Joy Elementary

“Thank you for supporting our Joy families by collecting food to hep stock our food pantry. It is greatly appreciated.” – Lalunie Whisenhant, Principal

“Thank you to our favorite people at our favorite credit union!” – Doug Lange

Sarah Geer with Lalunie Whisenhunt, dropping off a food pantry donation to Joy Elementary
Pictured left to right: Sarah Geer and Principal Lalunie Whisenhunt

Hunter Elementary

“Thank you for the generous food pantry donation. Keeping our students fed and ready to learn is a priority for us. We could not do this without great community support. We truly appreciate you!” – Principal Bedford

Students at Hunter Elementary taking in a food pantry donation from Spirit of Alaska

Donation Statistics

  • 65 packs of goldfish
  • 182 applesauce packs
  • 64 Oatmeal servings
  • 516 Granola Bars
  • 228 Fruit Snacks
  • 47 Tuna snacks
  • 6 Chicken salad snacks
  • 1 Salmon snack
  • 52 Mac & Cheese lunches
  • 198 Fruit Cups
  • 66 Cup-O-Noodles/Ramen
  • 71 cracker snacks
  • 89 Juice boxes
  • 8 servings of tomato soup
  • 6 breakfast shakes
  • 44 servings of Beef Ravioli
  • 14 servings of Beef Soup
  • 64 servings of Chicken Soup
  • 16 Peanut Butter To-Go Cups
  • 5 Beenee Weenee cans
  • 4 cans of Vienna Sausage
  • 30 nut packets
  • 28 packets of trail mix
  • 22 Milk boxes
  • 3 cans of carrots
  • Box of Graham crackers
  • 4 Rice-a-Roni lunches