Our infrastructure, coupled with the security features built into your browser and operating system, along with creating awareness among our membership on how to protect themselves, provide a secure environment.

Security is a top Priority

Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union has taken the necessary steps to provide our members with state-of-the-art security for viewing online banking transactions in e-Teller, our online banking application. We use a combination of security technologies to protect our members, their transactions and online banking access, and the Credit Union itself.

Step 1: We use the best encryption available.

Encryption is the process of encoding a message so that only the sender and the recipient can tell what the message really says. A simple way to encrypt this sentence, for example, would be to substitute a number for each letter, according to the position of that letter in the alphabet: 1 for “a”, 2 for “b”, and so on. As you can imagine, this method of encryption could be easily decoded.

In comparison, we use encryption that is very difficult to decode if you don’t have the correct key. As an additional security layer, firewalls at each point of information entry prevent intrusion into the e-Teller service.

256-bit encryption, enforced by our Verisign™ Digital Certificate, is the highest level of encryption currently available for public use in the United States. To guarantee this level of protection, we require that you use a browser that supports 256-bit encryption with our e-Teller service. This requirement is met by modern browsers.

Step 2: Unique Sign-on ID & Password

Each member chooses their own unique Sign-On ID and password that they must use in order to enter e-Teller. Your passwords must meet specific complexity criteria. For the best security, don’t use a password that you have used on any other website; this step will help prevent a compromise of your account. It is also best practice not to share your login with others.

Did you know?  Business e-Teller users have the option to create sub-users, so each person accessing the accounts has their own login to e-Teller.

Step 3: Security Questions

e-Teller will ask you to provide several security questions to help verify your identity if you log in to an unknown computer. This is an added layer of protection for your financial data.

Step 4: 2-step Verification Codes

e-Teller helps you with security management through 2-step verification. If you log in from a new browser or mobile phone, ownership of your login information is verified through a second method, such as a code in a text message to your mobile number, or a call to your home. This prevents hackers and scammers from accessing your accounts fraudulently!

Step 5: Email & Phone Communication

We will never request your e-Teller username or password over email or the phone.

Also, Spirit of Alaska will provide alternate link access in any account-related or marketing email communication with our members, to prevent any concern over email or phishing fraud scams.

Please call our Call Center at 907-459-5900 during business hours if you have any other questions on our secure online environment or security policies.

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