Soon, many members will be receiving a stimulus check approved in the CARES Act from the federal government. We are passing along a few tips from the National Credit Union Foundation on a few smart ways to use the income.

1. Prioritize

Focus on the bills that keep a roof over your head, the lights and food on the table. Many utilities and communications providers are working to waive fees, keep the power on and your internet working.

2. Talk with your credit union

If you qualify for a skip-pay program, loan modification or other help, you can use your stimulus money for critical needs.

3. Save some of it

If you set aside even $100 – $200, that can provide a cushion for bills that are coming in a couple of weeks

4. Don’t hoard cash

Keep it in your credit union. It’s safest there. There are many ways to access cash or pay for purchases, including a free debit card.

5. Protect yourself from scams

There are lots of bad guys trying to use this crisis to get at your money. Watch our for suspicious emails, texts or phone calls.

6. Pay your taxes

The deadline for filing and paying income taxes has been extended to July 15. If you haven’t saved to pay them, you may want to consider using the economic impact payment (stimulus check) to pay your taxes.

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On our COVID-29 Response page, you will find more information about the stimulus checks, as well as tips for accessing your accounts and contact information for our lending departments.